How Did The Kim Dao Blog Get Started?

Humble Beginnings

Kim Dao started as an active psychology student in Australia. Never did she ever came up with a single idea of how famous she will become today. She posted videos and photos as one of her outlets. Regardless of her knowing it or not, that posting lead to her eventual career. In an interview, Kim stated that the unexpected likes and prodding from friends revealed to her the potential joy such career offers. And so, she did venture.

Back-Tracking Her Vids/Blogs

Her earliest videos included going through her daily life. In some of those videos, she must have featured many times Japanese games and generally her preference to the Japanese culture so that the culture and country has since become her niche. With Japan joins Korea, Vietnam and many other Asian countries. It would simply feel natural because Kim Dao herself is a Vietnamese born in Australia.

Other niches in her videos include food, travel and socialization. These kept her in the air without going down. And, juts in the right time and place, blogging has emerged as everybody’s ultimate game. YouTube came up and about, Facebook pulsated with such conviction and so did Instagram, Twitter, etc.

The Full Emergence Of The Kim Dao Blog

Kim’s career took a major shaping when she decided to travel to Japan; not only did she stayed as tourist therein but eventually become a permanent settler. Her blog has now taken a full shape, emerging here and there totaling to a million views.

Her Shared Secrets

Art, Lifestyle, Culture and of course the world. These are here shared secrets. With these topics featured here and there, people would never get tired watching blogs, especially Kim’s blogs. These inter-locking subject matters define and are defined by us among our constant travels, engagements, exchanges, discourses and migrations.

For someone who started with short clips, Kim Dao is a model to behold. She is particularly a reference for all blogging neophytes out there.

The Big Savings You Can Get With Lenson Discount Codes

When you are looking to find ways on how to buy affordable glasses, you might want to consider getting them from Lenson. The company has been known to provide one of the best quality glasses at prices that the customers can afford.s this helps you get the vision care that you need without having to break the bank.

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What You Can Expect When You Buy Your Lenses AtLenson?

Many other optician chains would sell a brand’s contact lenses under their very own branding. However, at Lenson, you can but the same type of product but the brand of the manufacturer is retained. This means that you can wear the lenses of your favorite brand without it having to be branded as Lenson.

Sometimes, you can find that retailer will only let you buy a minimum of three months supply online. This is different in Lenson, since you can buy individual boxes when you need them. In case you have different prescriptions on each eye, then two boxes are added automatically in your basket for each eye.

When Did Teeth Grills Become A “Thing?”

Many people for a long time have seen white teeth as a symbol of heaving good health and also status. Then again, you can see that teeth fashion has started to evolve and colored teeth are beginning to become signs of wealth and status. Gold teeth are among the most popular status symbols for teeth.

If you have been into hip hop culture, you would see that rappers and artists have worn grills in the early 1980s. however, it was not as popular before, it was not until the mid-2000’s that grills hit their peak in the hip hop culture and rapping industry. Nowadays, you can still see a lot of rappers don gold grills.

The Bottom Line About What Grills Are Made Out Of
Mainly teeth grills are made out of gold and silver and they can also be set with diamonds or cubic zirconia stones for a more iced look. You can find them in various designs or shapes that you want. There are those that get grills as a single tooth cap while there are those that want sets for their upper and lower teeth.

Before, grills were standardized which means that the teeth were the ones that had to be adjusted in order to fit them. However, at present, grills can be made according to the teeth of the client. There are a lot of custom made grills that come from molds coming from clients themselves. Usually, they are made from white gold, rose gold, solid yellow gold or even silver.

The Unique Colors And Designs Of Grills
By simply differing the composition of the metal alloys can easily give out a variety of interesting colors and they will also have different properties. For those who want more expensive looking grills, they can have them fitted with diamonds. This is something that not only male artists d, but female artists have started catching up on the trend as well.

Do Race Cars Use Bendix Brake Pads?


Brake pads are considered as one of the most important components in every standard vehicle’s braking system and play an important role in the vehicle’s safety. This is true in the sense that without these brake pads the braking system of the vehicle will be substantially reduced while its actual braking mechanism will suffer to the point of being damaged. That being said, the decision on the correct brake pad to use is important since there are different kinds of brake pads that has its own characteristics related to the type of vehicle ideal for its used. Incorrect brake pad type can result to problems in the braking system.Since race cars required a sudden increase and decrease in speed as much as 60-0mph, it requires a brake which is semi-metallic or ceramic set like Bendix brake pads.

What are the qualities of a good brake pad?
A good brake pad must be able to deliver consistent and exceptional braking with high tolerance and low fade. It must have long wear and capable to function effectively even with high friction in all types of conditions such as:

  • Confidence in handling driving on the STREET with its unpredictable and busy conditions that can instantly shift at an instant.
  • Reliable to negotiate difficult mountain terrains while consistently the foot is on the brake pedal as the vehicle cruises the open ROAD with longer intervals between the need for braking.
  • Lap after lap of hard, hot and last second braking on the TRACK.

Conclusion: For serious performances like race cars
A good road track brake pads must be developed to conform to the quality requirement for this type of driving. Likewise it must have undergone comprehensive testing by authorized engineers before this are sold to the market. And lastly, it must be perfect even during hot and hard conditions to deliver the same performance.